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Tonon 100% made in italy Since 1926 Tonon is a well-known international brand in the world of seating, reliable and synonymous with design and quality MADE IN ITALY. Characterizing features that come from the past: their origins date back to the twenties , include years of careful and creative manufacturing. Even after the industrialization of the fifties, the pleasure of thinking and making never ended . Tonon today bases itself on research and development, on new materials and technologies, with a craftsman’s heart and an industrial mind. Professional people with different cultural backgrounds create our seating collections with great aesthetic and functional sensitivity and this in harmony with the declared Tonon philosophy: to present products for international markets.


Tonon世界知名的國際品牌100%意大利製造,自1926年以來座椅設計和質量可靠,是意大利製造的代名詞。它們的起源可追溯到二十年代,包括多年精心和創造性的製造,立足於研究和開發,以新材料和新技術,以工匠的心和工業精神。即使在五十年代的工業化之後,思考和製造的樂趣也永無止境。重要的國際建築師正與我們一起為國內和商業市場提出建議。 擁有不同文化背景的專業人士為我們的座椅系列打造出極具審美和功能敏感度的座椅系列,這與Tonon公佈的理念相一致,並發表於國際市場。


the collections use low, medium and high density polyurethane; each steel frame gets fit in the mould and then the polyurethane foam, which originally is in a liquid form, is poured in and through a heating process, gets hardened. the material is dyed in mass during the liquid phase and is painted after the production.

the integral foam is waterproof, hygienic and soft. the tear-resistant surface is characterized by an high abrasion resistance, an extremely pleasant touch, high elasticity, low thermal conductivity and maximum comfort. another strength of the integral foam is its easy maintenance: the product can be simply cleaned with warm water and mild soap,the material is CFC free.


產品系列採用低,中,高密度聚氨酯; 每個鋼框架裝入模具中,然後將原來為液體形式的聚氨酯泡沫澆注並通過加熱過程硬化。 該材料在液相過程中被質量染色並在生產之後塗漆。整體泡沫防水,衛生和柔軟。 抗撕裂表面具有高耐磨性,極佳的觸感,高彈性,低導熱性和最大的舒適性。 整體式泡沫的另一個優點是易於維護:產品可以用溫水和溫和的肥皂簡單清潔,而且該材料不含揮發性物質CFC。