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Doimo cucine, established in 1994, by Giuseppe Doimo, belongs to Doimo group, one of the most important and big Italian enterprises in the furniture sector, able to offer a complete range of products for home, office furniture and contracts.

Doimo cucine manufactures quality furniture, embracing values such as precision, accuracy in every step of production, eco-sustainability of the products and investment in new technologies. The results of this method are exclusive collections with a contemporary sensitivity, which express current lifestyle and a new vision of the kitchen as the heart of the house and the place to build relationships in.

The environmental protection as an investment for the future of mankind and environment is central in the work of Doimo cucine. Our new photovoltaic array covers an area of 5,300 square meters and is able to satisfy 95% of the company energy need, reducing the pollution emitted in the atmosphere.

For its furniture Doimo cucine has chosen to use the LEB eco-friendly panel (Low Emission Board) obtained 100% by recycled wood, FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship council) and with one of the lowest formaldehyde emission in the world. Also using packing materials made of recycled materials for a correct garbage disposal.

The research focused on eco-sustainability belongs to Doimo cucine philosophy and continues hand in hand with the company development thanks to the constant investments on this direction.

As our slogan is “DO IT WELL”. Doimo cucine has chosen quality as its company mission, guarantying an excellent and long-lasting product, able to satisfy any customer’s requirement. The high value of Doimo cucine product is attentively controlled through all production stages from the design process till the manufacturing, through the support of professional technicians who combine their accurate knowledge in new technologies with their social responsibilities about the employment of innovative environmentally friendly materials.


獨特人文氣質 義大利品味廚房。 Doimo Cucine 為目前歐洲最大傢俱集團,旗下廚具品牌之一。秉持100%義大利原地設計 製造 生產,成為義大利最好的精品廚具品牌,提供客戶人本環保、 品質優良、 風格精緻的頂級廚具。

由Giuseppe Doimo兄弟創立的義大利公司Doimo集團,具有六十年的品牌歷史,發展至今已經是歐洲最大規模的傢具公司。

Doimo Cucine為Doimo集團旗下的廚具品牌。成立於1994年,由建築師提供高品質、優良、耐用的精品廚具,並延續Doimo DSSL (Design、Style、Space for Better Living) 的理念。提供顧客富含設計感的傢具與品味空間。

近年來Doimo Cucine也極力發展環保素材及永續經營。除了100%使用FSC認證的再生木材外,也使用再生材料來製造產品的外包裝。位於義大利東北部威尼托大區的總公司更使用五千三百平方公尺的太陽能板,供應公司耗電量的95%。並成為世界上甲醛排放量最少的公司之一。

如同公司的精神標語“DO IT WELL”, Doimo Cucine以創新的技術和專業嚴謹的製造過程,提供顧客最好的產品。
Doimo Cucine一直是廚具界的領導品牌,不論是材質的使用或者是五金的挑選都是選用最好的品項,打造出一套能長久陪伴顧客的舒適廚房,更提供給消費者絕佳的生活品味,並帶來全新的廚房體驗。